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3kg / 100 servings

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Our Australian grass fed whey protein (WPC) is the best all round protein for developing lean muscle & supporting your immune system. All natural, undenatured, GM free, RGBH (growth hormone) free, antibiotic free, Australian pasture raised whey protein.
Our delicious flavours are all natural with a smooth taste that is not overly sweet and is light on the stomach. Enjoy before or after exercise, as a snack or to add additional protein during a meal.

Grass fed High protein, low carbs Gluten free GMO free No artificial additives No added sugar No filler ingredients No maltodextrin Assists with development of lean muscle Assists with muscle recovery 1 serving = 40% RDI of protein 120 servings (25 grams) in 3kg

• 20g Protein Per Serving
• 1.8g Carbs
• 373kj Per Serving
• >5g BCAAs
• 4g Glutamine & Glutamic Acid
• Source of Glutathione Precursors
• Natural Flavour
• Natural Sweetener (stevia extract, zero calorie sweetener)
• 100% of the Protein from Whey
• Grown Hormone (RBGH) & Antibiotic Free
• Genetically Modified Organism Free (GMO Free)
• Gluten Free
• 120 Servings
• Protein Powder Drink Mix

Grass Fed Whey Protein

Mirrabooka® Protein comes from the nutrient rich milk of grass-fed Australian dairy cows giving you a protein powder rich in amino acids and other essential nutrients for the recovery, development and growth of lean muscle.
Mirrabooka Protein is produced using a low temperature processing technique to maintain nutritional quality and allow maximum nutrient absorption.

Key Features and Benefits

• Over 78% Protein by weight (20g per 25g serving)
• Only three ingredients- Whey protein concentrate (WPC) the main ingredient
• More than 5g of BCAA's l-leucine, l-isoleucine and l-valine per serving
• More than 4g of glutamine & glutamic acid per serving
• Low temperature processed whey protein to maintain nutritional quality (undenatured whey)
• Free from antibiotics, chemicals and growth hormones (RBGH)
• Free from artificial additives, sweeteners and filler ingredients
• From grass fed, pasture raised Australian dairy cows


Natural (Unflavoured)

Net Weight: 1kg
Serving size: 30g
Servings per pack: 33

Natural Per 30g Serving Per 100g
Energy  456kj 1521kj
Protein  24.6g 82.0g
Total Fat  2.1g 7.1g
- Saturated  <1.1g <3.8g
Carbohydrates  1.4g 4.6g
- Lactose  <1.4g <4.6g
Sodium  42mg 140mg
Gluten  Nil detected

Note: The Nutrition Information is based on Natural (Unflavoured) CLASSIC WPC; values for Naturally Flavoured versions vary by 4-8%.


Natural (Unflavoured): Instantised grass-fed whey protein concentrate (100%) (Australia).

Banana: Instantised grass-fed whey protein concentrate, natural flavour, natural sweetener (stevia extract).

Choc Malt: Instantised grass-fed whey protein concentrate, cocoa, natural flavour, natural sweetener (stevia extract).

Choc Mint: Instantised grass-fed whey protein concentrate, cocoa, natural flavour, natural sweetener (stevia extract).

Chocolate: Instantised grass-fed whey protein concentrate, cocoa, natural flavour, natural sweetener (stevia extract).

Coconut Water: Instantised grass-fed whey protein concentrate, coconut water powder, natural sweetener (stevia extract).

Salted Caramel: Instantised grass-fed whey protein concentrate, natural flavour, salt, natural sweetener (stevia extract).

Strawberry: Instantised grass-fed whey protein concentrate, natural flavour, natural sweetener (stevia extract).

Vanilla: Instantised grass-fed whey protein concentrate, natural flavour, natural sweetener (stevia extract).

Made in Australia from 92-100% Australian ingredients.


Milk (whey protein concentrate) and trace amounts of soy (soy lecithin)


• Shipping Weight: 3.4 kg
• Net Weight: 3.0 kg (6.6 lb)
• Product code: MVP3KG
• Dimensions: 24cm x 28cm x 28cm
• Packaged in durable 10 litre tubs.
• Tamper evident seal on lid- do not consume if tub has been opened
• Standard Shipping: Australia Post Eparcel
• Express Shipping: Not currently available
• Product is sold by weight not volume


GRASS FED WHEY PROTEIN (WPC) - 3kg. GRASS FED WHEY PROTEIN (WPC), 6 FLAVOURS3kg / 100 servings This product has Free Standard Shipping Earn Mirrabooka Reward points on this...

Rating: 4.9/5 based on 31 review(s)
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Additional Information


For Allergens, see ingredients in bold.

Flavoured: Instantised Australian whey protein concentrate (Milk), natural flavour, natural sweetener (stevia leaf extract)

Made in Australia from over 96% Australian ingredients.

Natural (Unflavoured): Instantised Australian whey protein concentrate (Milk).

Made in Australia from 100% Australian ingredients.

Suitable For:

• Essential for athletes and sports-active people
• Persons requiring additional protein and energy
• Persons on a low carbohydrate weight management plan
• Surfers, footballers, swimmers, joggers, cyclists
• Bodybuilders, crossfitters, weight lifters
• For gaining lean muscle mass; shedding weight and bodyfat.
• General health, well being and immune support

Recommended Daily Intake:

1-3 servings per day. Meet your daily protein requirements by consuming a combination of high protein foods and protein supplements spread evenly throughout the day. The Australian food and grocery council recommends the average adult consume 50g of protein per day, on a diet of 8700kj per day. Athletes, bodybuilders and persons on a low carbohydrate diet often consume far greater quantities of protein per day, as recommended by the health practitioner.

Directions for Use:

A scoop is provided inside each jar and should be on the surface or just below. Add 1 heaped scoop (25g) of Grass Fed Whey Protein using the scoop provided to 200mL water or milk into a shaker cup and shake well.

Personal Blender Directions:

Add 1 heaped scoop (25g) of Mirrabooka CLASSIC WPC into a personal blender along with 200mL of water or your favourite beverage. Blend for 20-30 seconds, then add ice cubes before blending for a further 20-30 seconds.

Protein & Supergreens Smoothie:

Combine Mirrabooka CLASSIC WPC with Mirrabooka Alkalyse and Detox Supergreens. The supergreens lower the pH level of your protein shake, and provide a natural source of vitamins, minerals and chlorophyll.

Natural Fruit & Vegetable Meal Smoothie:

Turn your protein shake into a delicious and nutritious meal smoothie by adding in fresh or frozen fruits, vegetables (spinach leaves, carrots), natural (greek) yoghurt, ginger, coconut oil, nuts, seeds, oats and other superfoods. Substitute water for your favourite beverage including skim or full cream milk, almond milk, fruit juice and coconut water.

Supplement stack shake:

Turbocharge your post exercise protein shake by adding in your amino acids and supplements such as creatine, glutamine, BCAA's, oats and other carbohydrate powders.

How to Consume:

As a Snack: Drink at any time of the day.

Before Exercise: Drink 1 hour before exercise.

After Exercise: Drink within 45 minutes of exercising.

Serving Suggestion:

Mirrabooka Supergreens Protein Smoothie Recipe: Combine 2 scoops of Mirrabooka Protein with 2-4 teaspoons (10-20g) of Mirrabooka Supergreens, 1/2 cup of ice, 200ml water or milk and blend well. Serve chilled.

Formulated Supplementary Sports Food:

Not to be consumed as a sole source of nutrition. For best results consume in conjunction with a balanced diet. Not suitable for children under 15 years or pregnant women. Contains milk and dairy products.*

*The above statement is a mandatory health recommendation from the Australian Food Standards and is required to be printed on all products classified as a 'formulated supplementary sports food'. If you have a concern please consult with your doctor before consuming.

Product Storage Information:

Replace the lid immediately after use and store in a cool, dry place below 30 degrees Celcius. Keep out of direct sunlight for prolonged periods of time. Best Before/Batch number on the bottom of container. Do not use if tamper evident cap seal is removed or broken.

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Jeremy Verified Buyer

Awesome stuff!!

I refuse to buy protein that is full of unknown chemicals, this is the first one I have found that is natural and actually tastes good!!

It goes great in my breakfast smoothie! 15/12/2018
John Verified Buyer

Best taste!

All round excellent protein. I’ve tried all flavours and all taste great.Excellent job Mirrabooka protein. 25/10/2018
Natasha Verified Buyer


Five stars when you put it in a resealable bag! 13/09/2018
Nic Verified Buyer

Vanilla yum

I bought vanilla wpc 3kg. Delicious. Great quality. All good. 11/06/2018
Laura Verified Buyer

Good value, great product

This protein is perfect for my needs - no sugar, low carb, light and tasty. Easy to have as a quick shake or in a smoothie. Great value in a large tub. 29/05/2018
Bernadette Verified Buyer

Close to Nature

Really happy with the product keeping it close to natural as possible. I would like to see less Stevia added as I do find it sweet now that I have limited sugar in my diet. Thank you for keeping it close to NATURE! 30/04/2018
Kirsten Verified Buyer

Mirrabooka keeps delivering the goods

From a long time user of your products, I just want to say thank you for continually delivering a beautiful product and a super easy shopping experience 14/01/2018
Esna Verified Buyer

Tasty Quality

Mirabooka protein powders blend and taste like a naughty treat while fueling bodies with quality, no preservatives, toxins or fillers organic whey. Perfect! 25/11/2017
Grant Verified Buyer

My Choice Supplier for Protein

Mirrabooka is my go-to source for protein supplementation.
Quality products, excellent service and low cost. 30/10/2017
Naomi Verified Buyer

Loyal Customer

Great product that I have continued to buy for a couple of years now. Great in muesli and oats, as well as in smoothies and for protein/bliss balls.

Thanks Mirrabooka! 7/09/2017
Dave Verified Buyer

Can't recommend more highly

The 3kg Tub is great value for money. The product is great. I use it daily with smoothies, oats and muesli. Highly recommend. 20/07/2017
Dean Verified Buyer

Great Product, Exceptional Service - 10/10

Long time customer, by my opinion it’s the best product in the market. Tastes delicious, mixes well in shakes, compliments smoothies, quick delivery and overall excellent value for money. Highly recommend! 11/04/2017
Angela Verified Buyer

Excellent quality and tastes great

I contacted Mirrabooka Protein staff and was told that this grass fed whey is free from antibiotics, pesticides, herbicides and hormones; that was a priority to me. It tastes great too! 2/04/2017
John Verified Buyer

Best product

Mirrabooka protein mixes easily and tastes great. The best I've tasted, in fact. There's no way I'll ever try another product. Mirabooka is the best! 30/03/2017
Dave Verified Buyer


Long time user and big fan of this product. I highly recommend! Great for smoothies, in muesli etc. Thanks Mirrabooka! 1/03/2017
Dave Verified Buyer

Excellent Product

This stuff is gold. I add it to smoothies, muesli, chia puddings etc and it tastes great and packs a good protein punch. Free of nasties, additives etc!

The 3kg tub is good value for money in my opinion!

Thanks Mirrabooka 26/09/2016
Steve Verified Buyer


By far my personal favourite protein powder on the market. Tastes great. Used daily in shakes, smoothies and coffee! 26/09/2016
Graeme Verified Buyer

great protein powder and value for money

easy to order and quick delivery time
thanks heaps 16/09/2016
Michael Verified Buyer

Best protein powder.

Awesome quality, great flavour. 13/06/2016
SalFilt Verified Buyer

Great product

Excellent product & fast & efficient ordering & delivery. Well done. 31/05/2016
Dean Verified Buyer

Satisfied customer

It was quick and easy to place an order. I received emails updating my order status and my tracking information. Appreciate the free shipping with my order arriving in perfect condition. Super quick delivery! 17/05/2016
Christopher Verified Buyer

Vanilla protein powder

The vanilla flavour is my favourite, it tastes great just with water, or mixed into a fruit smoothie. Great stuff!! 25/02/2016
Nene Verified Buyer

Whey Good!

Love the whey products and the wonderful efficient customer service, thanks Mirrabooka! 2/02/2016
Peter Verified Buyer


Great service 17/12/2015
Dean M Verified Buyer

Amazing product

It is great to find a no fuss product that is actually made with health and nutrition in mind - including the health of the cows! No formulated rubbish from a test tube here - just the real deal with a nice flavor. Thanks for a quality product Mirrabooka! 2/12/2015
Rhondell Verified Buyer

Just loving it

The Vanilla Protein Powder is an absolute winner, the taste is so yummy, I forget that it is actually good for me too. I use it to favour my chia pudding just on it's own, making them a favourite with my family and friends. I also use it in smoothies and baking and so much more, it is my go to additive, so versatile, so much so that I had to upsize from the 1kg to the 3kg.
Thank you so much for your wonderful product so glad that my Beautiful sister who lives in Grafton put me onto it. Cheers
Claire B. Verified Buyer

The best for your body.

I'm feeling good and my body is getting better after starting with Mirrabooka.
TC Verified Buyer

Great protein

We have tried a variety of different proteins on the market and was looking for something without all the extra additives. After doing some research I came across this product and I have to say I am really impressed by the quality. Pleased it is a local product and that it just has what we want / need in our shakes. Family / friends have also started using this now, after our recommendations. Give it a go you won't regret it! 23/08/2015
Darren B. Verified Buyer

Mirrabooka Protein Powder

I have recently changed from other protein products to your more natural Protein powder.
Although slightly more expensive it is peace of mind knowing I am using a more natural product that is healthier for me.
You can really taste the difference between a more natural product like yours, compared to the products with high sugar content.
I think your labelling on your website and products with the cows is brilliant!!
I also like to support smaller businesses and Australian made products.

Darren 6/08/2015
Alistair Verified Buyer

Best Australian protein in the market

I've used many different types of protein over the years, and I've always been concerned with the huge list of ingredients listed. Not so with Mirrabooka, clean and sourced via green, grass fed cows. Ticks all the boxes of you're wanting to keep your calories clean
Todd R. Verified Buyer

Best of them all!

My favourite protein of all, great tasting, natural ingredients and fantastic service! 5/06/2015

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