Product Information

Product Information


Natural Australian Whey Protein

Our best-selling whey protein with natural flavours

“This product is far the best on the market, it tastes great and has help me put muscle and weight on”

Mirrabooka® Grass Fed Whey Protein comes from the nutrient rich milk of grass-fed Australian dairy cows giving you a protein powder rich in amino acids and other essential nutrients for the recovery, development and growth of lean muscle.

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Protein & Oats

Build lean muscle and restore energy

“Great tasting for breakfast or on the go, I know I'm getting good clean nutrition.”

Super Smooth Protein & Oats is a delicious and lightly oaty tasting shake that provides a clean supply of whey protein and complex carbohydrate from wholegrain oat flour. It mixes easily in a shaker with water and is essential nutrition for any athlete or person planning on increasing their lean muscle mass.

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Raw Fermented Rice Protein

Great tasting and easily digestible plant based protein

“'s really nice and smooth tasting and good for my stomach.”

Mirrabooka Raw Fermented Rice Protein is extracted from the bran, germ and endosperm of organic wholegrain brown rice using a unique bio-fermentation process.

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Nutrient dense green leafy vegetable powder

“Go Green! This is the first time i have tried Mirrabooka Supergreens and WOW I have noticed a difference in how my body feels”

Mirrabooka Alkalise + Detox Supergreens are 100% pure Australian Green leafy vegetable powders, packed with essential nutrients, vitamins, minerals and amino acids that will assist with alkalising pH levels, detoxifying and every 10g provides 100g of vegetables (10:1 ratio).

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