Supergreens Boosters



What are Mirrabooka Supergreens:

Mirrabooka Supergreens are 100% pure green leafy vegetable powders that are packed with large amounts of essential nutrients
such as protein, vitamins, minerals, enzymes, chlorophyll and phytonutrients. Essential nutrients are nutrients
that the human body cannot produce itself and therefore must be consumed through our diet.


Mirrabooka Supergreens are available in 200g, 1kg and 3kg sizes.

*Mirrabooka Supergreens - Wheatgrass and Mirrabooka Supergreens - Barleygrass are available as part of this range of Mirrabooka Supergreens.


Australian Grown.

Mirrabooka Supergreens are certified organic, grown in northern Victoria in the optimum environment combining nutrient rich soil with pollution free air and water. The young vegetable leaves absorb the suns rays (turning bright green with chlorophyll) and vitamins and minerals from the rich soil and water.

The leaves are harvested young, green and nutrient rich before being dried and milled twice using a cold processing technique to maintain nutritional properties (undenatured) and allow maximum absorption.  Mirrabooka Supergreens are not juiced, which reduces the nutritional profile by removing many of the naturally occurring nutrients.



Why are Supergreens good for me:

Mirrabooka Supergreens are REAL FOOD - all natural, certificed organic Australian grown vegetable leaf powders.
Supergeeens provide a convenient, easy to consume, daily source of essential nutrients - a real food multi-vitamin.

Vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients provide support for the human body to function normally and antioxidants help minimise damage to our bodies cells and tissues. Supergreens may cleanse, detoxify and alkalise pH levels caused by toxins and heavy metals in our system. 


1 x 10g serving of Mirrabooka Supergreens =

100g of fresh produce


Real food, for your daily vegetable and multi-vitamin needs.



Suitable for:

Mirrabooka Supergreens are suitable for persons requiring additional vitamins and minerals in their diet. Essential for persons short on time, athletes and sports-active people, persons requiring additional vitamins and minerals and those on a low carbohydrate weight management program.


Standard serving size:

One standard serving- two teaspoons (10 grams). Larger persons (e.g. over approximately 90kg), those on an intense training program, a detox program or those requiring additional nutrients and energy may consume 2 standard serves (4 teaspoons).

Recommended Daily Intake: 1-3 servings per day.


How to consume:

Add 10g (two teaspoons) of Mirrabooka Supergreens to 200mls of water, milk or fruit juice and shake well. Can be added to smoothies or other food.

  • AS A SNACK: Drink at any time of the day.
  • BEFORE EXERCISE: Drink 1 hour before exercising.
  • AFTER EXERCISE: Drink within 45 minutes of exercising.


Algae, Gluten and GM free

Mirrabooka Supergreens do not contain any blue/green algae or seaweed ingredients which may cause stomach upsets and have a strong odour/taste.

Mirrabooka Supergreens are Gluten Free and free from Genetically Modified Organisms.


Serving suggestion.

Mirrabooka Supergreens are suitably served with either water or juice in a shaker bottle or stirred in a glass.
Some might prefer it shaken or blended in a delicious Mirrabooka Protein and Supergreens smoothie. It is suitable
with all flavours of Mirrabooka Protein.


Nutritional Information.

Mirrabooka Supergreens proudly contains only premium natural ingredients
and absolutely no filler ingredients.



Ingredients: Australian Certified Organic wheatgrass, barleygrass, alfalfa, speltgrass and oatgrass.

No artificial additives, sweeteners or flavours, GM and Gluten free.

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Ingredients: Australian Certified Organic wheatgrass

No artificial additives, sweeteners or flavours, GM and Gluten free.

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